Our Government’s Current Opinion on Immigration

Source: http://www.whitehouse.gov/issues/immigration

When researching what the most recent public opinion is regarding immigration in the United States, I was interested in knowing the following: What is our government’s opinion about our country’s current immigration situation? I had no trouble finding a video answering this question. In fact, I found it directly on the White House’s website. The video acknowledges that our nation’s immigration system is broken, and thus, we are in need of reform. When comparing this to the general public’s opinion, it appears as though everyone can agree that change is necessary. American citizens recognize that the United States is far from perfect in regards to immigration, and yet, our country has not found a way to effectively deal with this growing problem. As I continued to watch the video, another question arose: Why is immigration reform important in today’s world? Many may think that immigration reform is not a top priority, but, in fact, it is something that the United States should focus on. Why, you ask? The video states that, first, and most importantly, immigration reform would provide a huge boost for the economy. It would create jobs, which many people are currently in need of. In thinking about long-term benefits, it would increase the GDP by $20 trillion in 2033. Thus, immigration reform would provide our country with short-term and long-term benefits. Our government has spoken, so now it is time to act on it.


One response to “Our Government’s Current Opinion on Immigration

  • kaehart

    Why is our government choosing not to push for immigration reform? Are there disagreements within the House of Representatives and the Senate that are preventing change from occurring?

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