CBS 2013 Immigration Poll


In thinking about the current public opinion on immigration, I tried to find polls on immigration that were as recent as possible. CBS News posed a vast amount of questions to American citizens regarding immigration in the United States today. The polls were conducted in mid-2013, which is about as up to date as possible at this moment in time. The most important take away point from the polling report was this: The majority of American citizens said that they do not mind if immigrants stay as long as they apply for citizenship and complete the necessary steps in order to become a citizen. In short, they must be LEGAL immigrants. Refreshingly, there are not as many negative views as there are positive ones, although, people realize that immigration reform is rather necessary for the success of our country’s future. Thus, it appears that people are insistent that the government should focus on reconstructing our flawed immigration system. As previously mentioned in my post regarding the White House’s video, the government recognizes that change is necessary. The people recognize that change is necessary. So, why is change not happening?


One response to “CBS 2013 Immigration Poll

  • kaehart

    Should we make the process to citizenship easier for immigrants or should it remain a strenuous and time-consuming process? I know several people who have just become citizens and/or are in the process of becoming citizens. The tests that they have to pass are so difficult that most American citizens probably could not pass them if they were forced to take them. That is certainly some food for thought.

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