She takes small steps,
unsure of what she is getting herself into.
The swarm of people guides her path.

She slowly looks up toward the sky,
blinded by the sun,
and the intensity of her hope.

She takes her eyes off her feet. This time, she looks forward.
An American flag waves in the distance.
She tiredly smiles and waves back.

As she inches her way closer to the building,
she is ushered into a line. Single file.
Where she is going, she is not quite sure.

As she enters inside, the light fades.
She tries to find clarity in the darkness,
but her future looks so hazy.

She is inspected. Her body and her background are
extensively searched.
She is cleared and she has received clarity.

Now it is her turn to inspect. She surveys the land.
Everything is clear. It passes her inspection.


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