Poll Addresses Melting Pot Origins

This Gallup poll from 2002 addresses the accepted paradigm of America as a “Melting Pot” and specifically addresses the specific cultures and countries of origin that compose the nation. Gallup asked people on their opinions regarding the immigration of people from Arab, Latin American, Asian, African, and European countries, specifically whether too many people are immigrating from these areas.  The results revealed that Americans were more favorable from those immigrating from European countries and least favorable toward those from Arab countries; this particular poll reveals the changing public opinion of Arab immigrants following the 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers, so perhaps this specific shift is not so surprising.  In addition, the fact that Americans view European immigrants more favorably relates to an earlier post of mine when in 1904, the prevailing opinion of European immigrants was favorable; this trend has not changed in the last century.  What is interesting is the fact that compared to a 1993 survey, Americans in 2002 were more accepting of immigration in general, indicating that the number of people originating from Europe, Africa, and Asia were “about right.”

If a similar poll were conducted today, addressing public opinion based on immigrants’ countries of origin, would there be similar results?  Would the results indicate that Americans are more accepting of immigrants, no matter where they come from, or would they show disfavor toward specific countries?

Immigrant Poll Results

People were asked the question: “Do you think the number of immigrants now entering the U.S. from each of the following areas is too many, too few, or about the right amount – how about immigrants from – [insert countries]”

source: http://www.gallup.com/poll/6319/recent-immigration-views-cover-melting-pot.aspx


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