Obamacare Website Failure Threatens Health Coverage For Millions Of Americans



Even today, immigrants remain a particularly vulnerable group due to their lack of full-citizenship status or the fact that they are still establishing a foothold in a new country. Recently we’ve seen major events in the news that have adversely affected immigrants, namely the government shutdown and the issues with the Obamacare health insurance site. From the government shutdown article: “The stakes are high for uninsured people, individuals and families who buy their health insurance directly and the entire health care industry. Without a functioning health insurance exchange, many people too sick or too poor to get health insurance under the old rules will remain shut out of the system. The millions of Americans who already buy their own insurance will face major disruptions. Health insurance companies could experience a nightmare scenario where the bulk of the individuals who brave the frustrating sign-up process are those who are sick, desperate for coverage and expensive to treat.” The U.S. is home to more than 21 million immigrants who are not citizens, and for many of them, health coverage is a concern. That is partly because so many of them–both those who came here legally and those who do not have permission to live in the United States–work in low wage jobs that don’t include health coverage. There must be a focus on making government agencies more accommodating for immigrants. True equality should mean that no particular group  of people is more vulnerable during government failures like these. Take a look at the articles above for a glimpse into some of the struggles that arise for immigrants.


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